A Night Spent Dreaming of Dinner





A few weeks ago, Mike and Zee invited us to their place for dinner. Do you know what a great honor that is? I’ve been a fan of Zee’s cooking even before her blog, Dreaming of Dinner, was born so this invitation was well-received with open arms (and several hungry bellies), along with a little joke that the reason why we were being invited to dinner was because they were going to make an announcement!

She asked me a few days before if I preferred Thai or ribs, and I told her to make whatever she wanted. Okay, I really wanted to say “Can we have both?” but that was asking too much. Imagine how excited we were when we got there and she prepared both–along with smashed potatoes and my all-time favorite squash soup!

No announcements were made, but we sure went home really stuffed that night! We had Squash SoupHoney Hickory Baby Back Ribs, Beef Curry, Smashed Potatoes, and Rice! (You can click on the items below to get the recipes!)

Can’t wait for the next one (hint hint) 🙂 and yes I’m aware I used too many ! to describe the food.


Dreaming of Dinner

My friend Zee made it to the Tastespotting page with her simple prawns!

Don’t these babies look delicious? Click here for her recipe!

I’ve been a fan of Zee’s food ever since she made us a wicked arroz caldo when we went on an out-of-town trip a couple of years back. (I might be mistaken, I think this fandom started earlier but the arroz caldo merits the top-of-mind spot as it’s one of the best I’ve ever had).  I’m so happy she has finally put up this blog that centers on FOOD!

I think it’s actually one of the reasons why we get along. We love good food: making it (more of Zee) and consuming it (um, me? haha). She was the one who made the delicious pesto and chicken for us while she was sick! All for the love of food, folks. If you don’t believe me, ask the dishes (I’ve been watching Beauty and the Beast again): follow her blog over at http://www.dreamingofdinner.com.