Good Fridays

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Here’s a reminder that you can never run out of things to feel good about. All the list needs is this song.

Life is sweet in the belly of the beast
In the belly of the beast
And with her song in your heart, it can never bring you down
It can never bring you down

🙂 Happy weekend!


Making Boards

Made a travel board last year to inspire to go to places I’ve always wanted to go or want to go back again. It’s saved in my computer as “2010-2012 Travel Board” and I printed a copy to put in my notebook.

Happy to say, I’ve gotten at least 2 down already! I made without any battle plans. My sister got me into this practice of creating inspiration boards to get me motivated to go after the things I want to do. I’ve saved images, printed them, cut out magazines, and tucked it away in a small notebook I keep near my bed. I thought this was kind of cheesy before, but I guess to some point it works and now I’m obsessed with Pinterest! 🙂

Dreaming of Dinner

My friend Zee made it to the Tastespotting page with her simple prawns!

Don’t these babies look delicious? Click here for her recipe!

I’ve been a fan of Zee’s food ever since she made us a wicked arroz caldo when we went on an out-of-town trip a couple of years back. (I might be mistaken, I think this fandom started earlier but the arroz caldo merits the top-of-mind spot as it’s one of the best I’ve ever had).  I’m so happy she has finally put up this blog that centers on FOOD!

I think it’s actually one of the reasons why we get along. We love good food: making it (more of Zee) and consuming it (um, me? haha). She was the one who made the delicious pesto and chicken for us while she was sick! All for the love of food, folks. If you don’t believe me, ask the dishes (I’ve been watching Beauty and the Beast again): follow her blog over at

Channeling the Homemaker

I want to make good on my promise to archive all things pretty. I spent an hour looking at gorgeous kitchens from dwellinggawker yesterday and I never thought I’d lust after owning a spacious, airy, rustic, somewhat country-style kitchen someday.

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I’m drawn to the “pretty-because-it’s-busy” look more than the sleek, modern kitchen. There’s just something about hanging pots and pans, wooden counters, and mismatched tableware that evokes a homey feeling. Makes you want to know how to make scones.

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And another thing–counters! The last two apartments I lived in back in Vietnam lacked counter space. I’m a sucker for big island counters that invite people to sit around and watch you cook or just drink and watch you cook.

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And it wouldn’t be my kitchen if it wasn’t bright and colorful!

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Imaginary Fashion Icon

A recent tweet exchange and some Google skills brought about the topic of Claudia Kishi as our favorite fashion icon from our beloved Baby-sitters Club series. Which is quite interesting, because the only photos we’d have of Claudia and her outfits came from BSC book covers.

You so know which one is Claudia.

You see, back when we’d rather buy BOP instead of YM (Young and Modern, not Yahoo Messenger) and BSC and Sweet Valley more than Sweet Dreams, we’d rely on detailed descriptions for their outfits. Our imagination would put them together,telling us that we can mix and match colors and patterns even if our parents told us we looked insane.

But there were also great fashion choices such as this one:

Claudia and the Perfect Boy

I would probably wear that if I had to meet some terrible clients for work. K, maybe to attend terrible client’s event or something like that.

Got back on Google and found this brilliant blog from a BSC fan called What Claudia Wore. She includes text from the book and finds current trends that seem to come out of BSC pages.

I wished I knew where my BSC books are now. Meanwhile, local bookstores aren’t restocking old titles or the re-issued series. 😦