If These Walls Could Talk






Intramuros is the oldest district of the present day city of Manila, the capital of the Republic of the Philippines. Nicknamed the “Walled City”, Intramuros is the historic fortified city of Manila during the Spanish Colonial Period. Located then along Manila Bay and south of the mouth of Pasig River, its thick defensive walls were built by the Spaniards in the 16th century to protect the city from invasion. Its name in Spanish, intramuros, literally “within the walls”, meaning a city enclosed by thick, high walls and surrounded by moats. (Source: Wikipedia)

I admit, my memory of Philippine History is a bit blotchy. I know the dates of important events, the highlights, some of the people, but if you ask me to piece it together and make a story I would have to map it out and find the proper way of connecting it altogether. In other words, I would suck. Thank goodness for people like Carlos Celdran who organizes awesome walking tours and gives you a theatrical, informative, and memorable tour of Manila.



A few months before the concert, I decided I wouldn’t be able to go because the tickets were ridiculously expensive (the VIP tickets cost just as much as flying to another Asian country on a promo fare and buying front row tickets to her show there!). A few weeks before the concert, we decided that we didn’t really need front row tickets so we would settle for the GenAd seats–so I talked to several friends and they all agreed to go. A few DAYS before the concert they all started backing out. On the day itself, I was torn between pre-booking Harry Potter IMAX tickets or sucking it up and going to Araneta by myself. Then at 5PM, M sends me a message and tells me she won a pair of Upper Box B tickets! Someone’s lucky, lucky, lucky!


Our seats were a notch below GenAd, but it made a difference!



What can I say! It was one of the BEST shows I’ve been to. And it was twice the fun since I was with M–she’s game for anything, even for “beating the beat” JS style while dancing to Can’t Get You Out of My Head!






I took these photos with a Lumix LX5–even I was amazed with the results! I’m in love with this camera! 🙂

So happy she sang one of my favorite songs too!