This is Why I’m Fat: Turkish edition













Two weeks in Turkey ended with my jeans crying out for help.

First meal upon arriving in Izmir was at my sister’s in-laws’ house. Her mother-in-law made us an amazing dinner of traditional Turkish dishes–stuffed green peppers, steamed rice in grape leaves, kofte, and my new favorite–chicken with walnuts or Cerkez Tavugu. Not sure if it was meant to be an appetizer but it makes for a great meal when paired with bread.

Of course, we had the best of everything from Izmir and Istanbul. My brother-in-law made sure we had shawarma (WAY different than how we know shawarma in the Philippines), Turkish kebab, medye (which is a nice snack made up of mussels and rice MUSSELS!), fresh fish, their version of pizza called Lahmacun (really thin crust “pizza”–just meat and cheese that you roll with arugula and tomatoes), coffee, Turkish ice cream (with the matching “magic show”) and what Yigit calls “the best burger in Istanbul” over at Kizilkayalar in Taksim Square. The best burger was actually a wet burger with a tasty patty inside soft bread dipped in tomato sauce and heated on the oven before serving. Don’t believe me? Ask Anthony Bourdain.

Man I miss Turkey. I’m getting really hungry now.

Invader Spotting!

I need to sort through 4000 photos from my month-long trip (plus edit photos from my sister’s wedding) on top of work and just getting back into the daily grind. I have a lot of stories to share (and photos, of course!), but first–the Invader sightings!

My first encounter with Invader was in Exit Through the Gift Shop (which you should see, by the way). Stuck in traffic on our way to Taksim Square from the airport, I saw a small burst of color against the stone walls. I was too excited I forgot to zoom in:


I didn’t see any in Amsterdam, but in Paris, while making our way to the Notre Dame from the metro, I saw another one:


Another one in Paris:


In Blois, France:


Gotic Quarter, Barcelona:


When in Rome:


And the biggest one at the Vatican:


Lucky! I guess it wasn’t that hard because according to Wiki he puts these up in places where there are lots of people. It felt like a treasure hunt!
More on the trip soon 🙂