Chicken and Greens

It’s boring to stay home alone, especially when you’re sick. I dropped by to say hello to a friend and bring her some movies and stories while she fed me some delicious pasta. I know, I should be the one bringing the food, but how can I say no? I love her cooking.

Nom! A simple dish bursting with flavor. She made her own pesto, by the way!

I am fascinated by people who can prepare their own meals or even try. It’s a basic survival skill that some don’t even bother with, and it saddens me when people don’t even know how to open canned stuff. You should be able to feed yourself, yes? Hello if the kids in Masterchef can do it so can you.

Oh and yesterday was Tuesday so that meant Top Chef Just Desserts, Top Chef, and Tony Bourdain. Food overload. I tried to make something out of leftovers from the ref (or almost expiring goods), and what do you know, it was also chicken and something green.

And yeah, plating. Haha. Eric from TCJD was always harped on for his presentation. I kinda felt the pressure, hahaha! Here is my pan-fried chicken with sauteed garlic and onion over a bed of garlic spinach. 10 points for me!


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