My favorite time of the year

The view from outside my bedroom window–summer’s here!


I spent the first weekend of summer making colorful things, like these mini horse ribbons brooches from this tutorial. I think they go nicely with my rainbow purse, don’t you think?

Another reminder that summer’s here: Joey‘s Summer CD! He has been making these for about ten years now. Perfect for a breezy summer night.

And ended the weekend driving around the city with my brother, this in full blast.

I might have found my summer song! Teehee


Good Fridays

Source: Pinterest


Here’s a reminder that you can never run out of things to feel good about. All the list needs is this song.

Life is sweet in the belly of the beast
In the belly of the beast
And with her song in your heart, it can never bring you down
It can never bring you down

🙂 Happy weekend!

All That Glitters is GOLD!

I was on a tight budget last month, and I had to bust out some gold shoes to complete my bridesmaid outfit for Klassy’s wedding. I had a pair of gold flats that I can’t seem to find, and I had already spent most of my money on accommodations so I decided to be more resourceful and DIY it.

I started with a pair of white heels I barely use. For some reason, I can’t pull off white shoes and decided not to buy any white shoes after this. The material was stretchy fabric and plastic–workable for spray paint! I found a can of gold at home and went to work.

I suck at reading labels. I realized that the paint was matte after I sprayed the first coat–but that’s okay. The white base made it easier for the gold to come out. It took me about 4 layers to get the color I wanted–just make sure to let the paint dry every time you add a layer!

Realizing that it might look dull instead of sparkly, I busted out the gold sequins and some Elmer’s Glue. Mod Podge would’ve been better, but we don’t have it here!

It took me a couple of hours to finish both heels! The photo below tells you that I forgot to paint some parts–hopefully ones that aren’t noticeable from afar

Turned out well, according to my standards. Haha. Check out our color palette. We were afraid we’d look a bit elfish but we put our faith in Klassy (who, by the way, works for one of my favorite sites, Refinery29!) and I think we looked Kate Spade-ish. LOVE.

Oh, being the best bridesmaids in the world, we made a fansign:

You can see our feet at the 0:12 mark in Klassy and Eric’s same-day wedding video made by Jason Magbanua.

And I have to flaunt my rings–I’m Green Lantern-ish like that.

More photos soon! Hopefully. Haha.











The first rule of travel is to find all your happiness and adventure wherever you happen to be — Pico Iyer 

Hello, Tuesday. I’ve got so many phone calls to make, but nothing I can’t handle. 🙂 I came across this wonderful quote from the writer of one of my favorite travel essays, and I felt like digging up photos from last year’s trip.

Spent only two days in Amsterdam, but made the most out of it! Such a colorful city, and everyone is just happy. Haha. I vow to return someday, like I always do.

Crafts Party!

Before my best friend got married last month, she invited the bridesmaids (yay!) and some of their close friends to help her make props she wanted for her wedding. The invite said to  make ourselves free on Saturday afternoon, bring whatever art materials we had lying around the house (with specific instructions not to buy anything!), and our drinking pants.

VMB and I arrived to this:


A DIY/Crafter’s wasteland! We had our computers and iPhones ready to broadcast how awesome we are. Our friend, Sanya, brought over her old Sweet Valley and Babysitters Club books! The 90s fangirls in us started screaming and reading out loud chapters from the books!

We originally planned to cut out the covers and make buntings or coasters out of them. Or maybe something like this, haha

We didn’t have a lot covers, so we tore out the pages and made these awesome flaglets for the guests to have photo-ops with:

And then the very fab very metal boyfriend started making other props for the photobooth:



And a championship belt! Our geeky boyfriends rejoiced, I tell ya.

Of course, being Hanson fans (well, I’ll say former on my end! LOL), we couldn’t resist making these:

Last but not the least, we made this David Lynch-inspired bunting, at the special request of the bride 🙂


Klassy and Eric used this for the post-wedding photo shoot and brought it back to hang in their home in SF 🙂

My best friend is the awesome bride (no “zilla” here!) who came up with everything! What can I say, she made me feel like a really useful bridesmaid, haha. This party was an awesome excuse to get the guests to mingle before the wedding and be all excited for the big day!

Love the crafty folks at Camp Derby!


I think I’ll throw one when the time comes! DIY or die! LOL

* All Instagram photos were taken by Klassy

First DIY for 2012

New Year’s Day was spent organizing my closet. I had some clothes that I saved for a future garage sale, a “keep” pile (hoarder, eep!) and a “projects” pile. I resolved to do more DIYs this year (helps me with goal #1 too!) and so I spent some time over the weekend to upcycle an old shirt I still love.

I’ve had this sequined top for quite some time now. I love how light and airy it feels on my skin, and it’s the kind of top that flatters me (sometimes!). The sequins were losing their sparkle though, after years of wear:

I went through our sequin stash and found these pretty matte gold square numbers. I only had one pack and it looked like I didn’t have enough, so I scrounged around for similarly shaped sequins that I can work the gold with. I found some pearly off-white ones, and I went to work!

It took me half a season of Parks and Rec to finish the shirt. Of course, I had Instagram and coffee breaks in between.

Isn’t this the easiest and simplest way to upcycle an old top? 🙂

I’m pretty proud of myself for being productive this weekend! Other than this project, VMB and I managed to catch the last day of Picasso’s Suite Vollard Exhibit at the Met, go their gig (hahaha!), and start on my next DIY 🙂

It really does feel like Off the Shelf, 2012!

Hello, 2012!

Happy new year! How do you like my horoscope??? Ironically, it’s also the first day of work so first day of work = first day of the rest my life. Harhar.

Before I gush about how excited I am for this amazeballs year, I want to say a few words about 2011.

2011 didn’t start out great. I broke up with my ex when I found out he was cheating on me. I felt like shit because it really did feel like shit–it felt like you invested five years of your time to nothing. Boo!

I would’ve written so many emo and bitter things about it in my old blog, but I decided to open a new one instead (you’re looking at it). I’m also lucky because I have a fine set of amazing friends who lined up a whole slew of distractions I readily welcomed–Iyengar Yoga, tapas and wine overload, early happy hours, weekend beach getaways, mid-day movies and yogurt, and clubbing.

Ah, clubbing! A very good friend from college went out of his way to take me out every week (mostly to poke fun at ditz promoters and dance to our friend’s sets). Well, you guessed where that went. VGF = VMB. ❤ The end is where you start from.

That, Kylie, and the Eurotrip (sister’s wedding included!) made my year. Enough to cancel the bad stuff, and make me excited for 2012.

Another friend and I have this thing about giving slogans for the new year. I can’t remember last year–maybe it was Perfect 10, 2011 (still doesn’t make sense!). Twelve isn’t really an easy word to rhyme.

Crossing off things in our bucket list and going after what we want, in case the Mayans were right and the world would end soon. In my case, I really want to:

1. Keep saving money. I managed to reach my goal last year and now that I now I can do it, I hope I can be more consistent! I guess this article helped a lot!

2. Less bitching. I would’ve said Stop bitching, but I have to admit I can’t. Less negativity, more of being METAL (I love my very metal boyfriend for introducing me to this outlook, haha).

3. Work harder, embrace responsibility. Time to get off the scenic road and be more adult. Haha. Last year made me think of what I really want out of my job and helped me in mapping out how to make a career out of it, so I am honestly excited for the new challenges and opportunities 2012 will throw my way.

4. Take better care of myself. Eat better, move more. Wash my face before going to bed.

5. Keep doing “stuff”. Blogging/writing, sewing, cooking, going off different places, taking pictures. It seems easy to say, but sometimes, the Internet just sucks you in.

6. Unplug more. I spend almost all my waking hours online, and this keeps me from doing #5. And yeah, there really isn’t a need to update everyone on what I’m doing every single minute and I shouldn’t obsess over their lives when I’ve gone mine to manage. Haha.

7. Travel to a new destination. An annual to do! 🙂 I’m hoping to see more beaches this year (I only went to one last year…BOO).

8. Hang out with this guy whenever I can. The easiest thing on the list!

Oh, I also have a feeling I will be going to an epic, life-changing concert this year. Crossing my fingers!

Cheers to a good year up ahead 😉