Seeing Stars

Take the weakest thing in you, and then beat the bastards with it.

And always hold on when you get love, so you can let go when you give it.

You know you went to a good show when you can’t stop listening to them days (okay, it’s been more than a week!) after.


They played almost all my favorites (no Wasted Daylight thought) and even if I was standing for more than 4 hours it was so worth it. My lucky charm Meryll grabbed me the setlist from the stage and snuck both of us into the meet and greet to get it signed ❤



At this point, I have enough validation that this year will be awesome despite questionable horoscopes and missing Weezer.

I should probably stop counting the awesomeness and just do more of it, yeah?


This Will Be Our Year

Making a playlist for my sister’s upcoming wedding. Mostly swing jazz, a few not-so-cheesy songs (sorry I will never ever have shit like King and Queen of Hearts in my playlist. EVER) and stumbled upon The Zombies’ This Will Be Our Year. And then I got a bit cheesy.

It started with you saying this will be our year but “our” meant separate efforts to make both our year THE YEAR. We both had blah 2010s and had the same optimistic feeling towards 2011: it was the lose weight-be the shit-mode that probably came from the afterglow of making new year’s resolutions. But it was nice to have someone cheering you on.

And it was nicer when at the lowest point in your life that someone cracked really stupid jokes, took you out to have a good time, and made you realize life’s too short to be sad/angry/bitter at something or someone when things didn’t work out.

So yeah, it still is our year. 🙂 And it did take a long time to come since we have known each other more nearly a decade before all the cheese.

Sorry for the mush. I’ve been listening to a whole slew of love songs the whole afternoon and I’m not even done with the playlist yet. Any suggestions? (please no more Just The Way You Are!)

The heat is killing me

It was almost 36 degrees outside yesterday. Summer’s fashionably late. If I can only come to work in beach shorts and a swimsuit. Meanwhile, it’s been nonstop Miami Horror on the iPod:

Will upload pictures of the great weekend with my bestest girl friends! Been hanging out with the guys a bit too much that I’ve forgotten how good it is to squeal and oggle and talk about shit guys don’t understand.

Dear Alan Rickman

Please pick me up tomorrow and let me ride at the back of a convertible while you hug me.

Photo credit

I need all the hugs I can get while I wait for someone to come and write my name in silver sands. And because I’m having a hard time holding together.

And if I can’t hold it together please read me a story. Perhaps recite lines from Sense and Sensibility.

Much Love,


All the Pretty Girls

I wish I could say it was a Saturday night and we’d all be hanging out, but for the moment just having them playing on the background is enough. Except for those times I attempted to go out for a run (which is really a jog/walk), they’ve been keeping me company for weeks now. Maybe I haven’t gotten over my dream of being musically gifted. Haha.

I wish I could say “here are my girls”.

Coeur de Pirate

Sometimes I also wish I could sing in another language, like Beatrice Martin, also know as Coeur de Pirate. Her amazing tattoos will never look amazing on me.

Or how about borrowing Eliza Doolittle‘s legs and quirky style even for a day. Indeed a fair lady who makes afternoons worthwhile.

Now here’s a girl who I love, because she makes awesome covers with her delicate voice (Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead was the first song that had me at oooooooohhh) Ellie Goulding‘s cover of Elton John’s Your Song made me cry (while I was at!), and I like this better than the Moulin Rouge version.

Oh, and she can pass for Drew Barrymore’s English cousin!

And of course, there’s Adele. You want to cry and remember a heartbreak you buried deep down into the earth’s core? Listen to this.

Not that I’m a big fan of Meg and Dia, but they are adorbz when they sing–like the girls you wish you hung out with in high school. Speaking of school, Ignition (Remix) was a favorite in college and for a straight week we listened to it from our groupmate’s house to school. It was a 7-10 minute drive that was approximately 1.5-1.75 songs.

Well, I do call them “My Girls” on my iPod.

Ambling Alp

Now, the world can be an unfair place at times
But your lows will have their complement of highs
And if anyone should cheat you, take advantage of, or beat you
Raise your head and wear your wounds with pride


Over 20 plays on this week alone: racing to finish a presentation, playing my own version of hide-and-seek at the mall, people watching while sipping my free drink. I prefer a song playing in the background, just like the movies.