Hello Second Half of 2012

It’s the second half of the year and I just need to revisit my list of to-dos (okay, resolutions–but there is a semblance of urgency in “to-do”) and I just want to say–I’ve done a pretty swell job so far, except for visiting a new destination. Which is okay, because I’ve got six months to do that!

I’ve been in all sorts of moods lately, and most of the time it’s that kind of mood where you can’t really pin down if you’re just anxious, sad, bratty, or just in need of a LOT of chocolate. Or an exaggeration of everything. Haha. I would normally go out and buy something random, but I’ve been forcing myself not to buy anything unnecessary (my trick is that I always think that it’s going to that “go somewhere new” fund, which works like 70% of the time..hahaha) and wear LOTS of color.

I made a cuff out of old necklace beads, a piece of fabric, and some velcro.

And I’m still obsessed with cute collars. I found an old pair of plastic earrings I bought in Bangkok a couple of years ago. I pinned them on my collar tips and they turned out pretty cute!

I also gave in to reading A Game of Thrones since I was getting so much spoilers from friends who read the book. I wanted to not know what was going to happen in the series but I just wanted to know the back stories so I wouldn’t confuse the characters further or think that Ned Stark’s real name is Neddard. Sorry.

Since I can’t have a direwolf in real life, I am calling Funny my direcat (I know, the puns are getting painful!) and made her a scarf out of scrap fabric, just so I can Instagram it and caption it “Winter is coming!” 😐


Yup. Told ya I’ve been “busy”.


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