Sunday Brunch in the Land of Slippers


There are a few things that would get me out of bed early on a Sunday morning: an early flight (ugh), an extreme case of we-must-do-laundry-even-if-it’s-Sunday, and maybe “special” shopping cases–the ones that promise cheap (but great) merchandise or the hard-to-get-so-we-should-try-harder case.

I said no to the usual Saturday night debauchery (which is not debauchery, really) so I can wake up in time to join my folks, my aunts, and my uncle for a day trip to Liliw, Laguna. The four-hour car ride promised a good brunch/lunch upon arrival and the possibility of coming home with lots of pretty shoes and sandals in tow.

We got there in three hours and entered the packed Arabela restaurant. Luckily, my mom had made reservations 🙂



I love the pretty little details, like the Eiffel Tower spice container and the blue glasses.



Went up and chatted a bit with the owner, and saw this small balcony overlooking the street. All the scene needed was me and a cup of coffee! Someday, Sam, someday.


I regret to report that I was too busy shopping to take photos! I got myself two pretty pairs of flats and these pretty flowers, which my mom picked out from a sidewalk vendor.


Man, I should really wake up early more often.


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