First DIY for 2012

New Year’s Day was spent organizing my closet. I had some clothes that I saved for a future garage sale, a “keep” pile (hoarder, eep!) and a “projects” pile. I resolved to do more DIYs this year (helps me with goal #1 too!) and so I spent some time over the weekend to upcycle an old shirt I still love.

I’ve had this sequined top for quite some time now. I love how light and airy it feels on my skin, and it’s the kind of top that flatters me (sometimes!). The sequins were losing their sparkle though, after years of wear:

I went through our sequin stash and found these pretty matte gold square numbers. I only had one pack and it looked like I didn’t have enough, so I scrounged around for similarly shaped sequins that I can work the gold with. I found some pearly off-white ones, and I went to work!

It took me half a season of Parks and Rec to finish the shirt. Of course, I had Instagram and coffee breaks in between.

Isn’t this the easiest and simplest way to upcycle an old top? 🙂

I’m pretty proud of myself for being productive this weekend! Other than this project, VMB and I managed to catch the last day of Picasso’s Suite Vollard Exhibit at the Met, go their gig (hahaha!), and start on my next DIY 🙂

It really does feel like Off the Shelf, 2012!


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