New Things: Lasagna Soup

I’ll take a break from writing about the trip (I KNOW, talk about super procrastination!) to share with you guys a favorite “experiment” VMB and I made last month.

It all started with the weekly visit to foodgawker. This feature on lasagna soup got me excited and VMB said it was relatively easy. He picked up the ingredients on the way to my house and we spent about an hour and a half making this dish and I swear it’s G-double O-D GOOD!

It’s just like making lasagna only that you make it soupier. We tweaked the recipe and added bechamel sauce to make it creamier and substituted cream cheese for ricotta since he couldn’t find any in the grocery.

I suggest eating this right away after serving because the pasta absorbs the soup after some time. We made some for VMB’s sister to take with her to lunch the next day and it was more pasta than soup (but she tweeted that she loved it anyway!). I look forward to making this again! 🙂


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