Halloween DIY

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie EVER. I can sing Belle (Little Town) in my sleep. All the lines. And when my Very Metal Boyfriend said he wanted to go as Gaston for Halloween, I got really excited and started doing research for my own DIY Belle costume.

I thought it would be as simple as finding a blue dress with a full skirt, a white apron, and a white shirt. The last two were easy to find, but the blue dress seemed a bit of a challenge. I didn’t have time to go thrifting for something to deconstruct, so I went to Fabric Warehouse and bought 2 yards of the perfect “Belle” blue.

Here’s the nooby part: when I got home and laid my fabric on the table, I realized that 2 yards would only yield me one full circle skirt after watching countless tutorials–so I decided to wing it and make a half circle skirt (thanks to this tutorial) and piece together the leftover fabric to make a tank top that I can fit in (the fabric was not stretchy!).

Since I also didn’t have any zippers, garters, velcro, or buttons (I am redefining “winging it”), I had to improvise on how the skirt would hold up. I attached the cut fabric on my old white peasant skirt by sewing it to the band of the skirt and just letting the rest hang there (yes, no hemming…so lazy!). For the top, I cut out a tube shape, adjusted it to my size and added straps. Tucked it in my skirt, made a quick apron by sewing a rectangle with a long strip of fabric, and I have my last-minute-I-really-winged-it costume!

And we just had to pose like Belle and Gaston. We had to! 🙂

Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours!




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