This Will Be Our Year

Making a playlist for my sister’s upcoming wedding. Mostly swing jazz, a few not-so-cheesy songs (sorry I will never ever have shit like King and Queen of Hearts in my playlist. EVER) and stumbled upon The Zombies’ This Will Be Our Year. And then I got a bit cheesy.

It started with you saying this will be our year but “our” meant separate efforts to make both our year THE YEAR. We both had blah 2010s and had the same optimistic feeling towards 2011: it was the lose weight-be the shit-mode that probably came from the afterglow of making new year’s resolutions. But it was nice to have someone cheering you on.

And it was nicer when at the lowest point in your life that someone cracked really stupid jokes, took you out to have a good time, and made you realize life’s too short to be sad/angry/bitter at something or someone when things didn’t work out.

So yeah, it still is our year. 🙂 And it did take a long time to come since we have known each other more nearly a decade before all the cheese.

Sorry for the mush. I’ve been listening to a whole slew of love songs the whole afternoon and I’m not even done with the playlist yet. Any suggestions? (please no more Just The Way You Are!)


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