Yay, a DIY!

Finally finished one of them. Enough ranting about nothing to wear, because it’s really my fault . This one was inspired by a post from a DIY tumblr entry which I failed to bookmark, so I had to make it from memory. All I remember was a grey tee, black chiffon, and a black satin ribbon—all of the things I already had in my closet but never really used!

Eep. I suck at ironing so forgive the awful photo.

I made this under an hour. I guess having the chiffon hemmed (I got it from another top and used it as it is) cuts the process time by half. All i did was cut through the middle part of the shirt’s back, sewed on the chiffon (you can do this by hand or sewing machine), and hand-stitched the ribbon on the top part and there you go!

I’ve got sexyback! LOL.


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