A few months before the concert, I decided I wouldn’t be able to go because the tickets were ridiculously expensive (the VIP tickets cost just as much as flying to another Asian country on a promo fare and buying front row tickets to her show there!). A few weeks before the concert, we decided that we didn’t really need front row tickets so we would settle for the GenAd seats–so I talked to several friends and they all agreed to go. A few DAYS before the concert they all started backing out. On the day itself, I was torn between pre-booking Harry Potter IMAX tickets or sucking it up and going to Araneta by myself. Then at 5PM, M sends me a message and tells me she won a pair of Upper Box B tickets! Someone’s lucky, lucky, lucky!


Our seats were a notch below GenAd, but it made a difference!



What can I say! It was one of the BEST shows I’ve been to. And it was twice the fun since I was with M–she’s game for anything, even for “beating the beat” JS style while dancing to Can’t Get You Out of My Head!






I took these photos with a Lumix LX5–even I was amazed with the results! I’m in love with this camera! 🙂

So happy she sang one of my favorite songs too!





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