DIY: Trashy tank!

Went through my lola‘s closet again and found this really fug shirt that would probably (maybe should would be more fitting) be a rag. It was a men’s XL shirt with a big hole in front.

If my mom ever saw this shirt she would tell me to use it to wipe the dust off my shelves. I folded it vertically, placed some rubber bands, and dyed it in black.

Then I cut it similar to the instructions from this post.

I made the back longer because I wanted to get that “draped” effect. And I had to cut a bit higher in the front because of the hole. When I tried the tank on, it felt weird and really loose–I cut the armholes to big and the neckline was off, so I decided to tie the back. I cut three strips from the leftover material and made a braid out of it:

I cut off the edges and sewed it together so it would be flat. I gathered the straps from the back, measured a not-so-awkward angle for the gather, then coiled the braid around it. I sewed the coil into the straps to keep it in place. Since I had more free time and lots of sequins–I added some along the neckline, thinking it would look less trashy.

And finally, it’s done.

YAY! From rags to bitches. 😐


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