Sunday Lunch

While enjoying my morning coffee last Sunday (which rarely happens, because I wake up just in time for lunch or I’m still hungover :/ ), mom handed me these beautiful portobello mushrooms she bought recently. “Do something with it!”

I’ve never cooked portobello mushrooms in my life. I’m scared of cooking with ingredients that I love for fear of bastardizing them. I did my time on Google and helpful friends gave tips on Twitter (bake them with some mozzarella and basil). I wanted to do more since my mom was making an a nearly epic Sunday lunch (steak, sautéed potatoes with jamon serrano, salad with orange slices and blueberry feta cheese), so I scrounged around our pantry for other ingredients to use. I ended up doing a simple stuffed version!

First, I had to remove the stem and the gills carefully (I youtubed that part since I’ve never done it before. Thank God for the internetz). Then I drizzled them with equal parts of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and baked for 10 minutes at 350 F degrees.

I chopped some green pepper and onions, sautéed them with olive oil, butter, garlic, a bit of the balsamic mixture, fresh basil, salt, and pepper. I made sure they’re still a bit crunchy though because I hate soggy peppers.

Then I mixed some grated cheese in a bowl. I found Gouda and Manchego, then mixed it with Quickmelt. I put the peppers and onions first then sprinkled the cheese on top. Added a bit of parsley on top and baked it for 10 minutes.

I managed to not mess it up. It was a good lunch 🙂


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