Channeling the Homemaker

I want to make good on my promise to archive all things pretty. I spent an hour looking at gorgeous kitchens from dwellinggawker yesterday and I never thought I’d lust after owning a spacious, airy, rustic, somewhat country-style kitchen someday.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

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I’m drawn to the “pretty-because-it’s-busy” look more than the sleek, modern kitchen. There’s just something about hanging pots and pans, wooden counters, and mismatched tableware that evokes a homey feeling. Makes you want to know how to make scones.

Photo Credit

And another thing–counters! The last two apartments I lived in back in Vietnam lacked counter space. I’m a sucker for big island counters that invite people to sit around and watch you cook or just drink and watch you cook.

Photo Credit

And it wouldn’t be my kitchen if it wasn’t bright and colorful!

Photo Credit

Photo Credit



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