Quick DIY

Attended another wedding over the weekend–a good friend from college flew back from LA to tie the knot, and I only got the invitation the other week.

I almost didn’t have anything to wear because I forgot to pack shoes that match. Of course, I brought along my ever reliable skull clutch, which got a snazzy little makeover when one of my bracelets broke:

Since I couldn’t stuff the bracelet into my super small clutch (which was already bursting at the seams), I linked it to one side and what do you know, I’ve got a pretty bag.

This isn’t the first wedding-wardrobe-disaster I’ve encountered. I remember breaking a dress strap (which was remedied by asking the wedding coordinator for extra safety pins), and a broken shoe (thank goodness for spare flats in the car).

Just two weeks ago, I decided to shorten my bridesmaid’s dress TWO hours before I was due at the church. I know–forever procrastinating. I decided to shorten it because it looked really dowdy on me (I was trying to convince myself otherwise). It was a 1920s-themed wedding–so the shorter the better, right? Hahaha.

The easy part was taking off the last tier. It was a nightmare to cut and hem the lining (since really, I had NO time), so I just ironed it and ran a sloppy running stitch. Which was a noob idea, because I forgot to change the thread inside the bobbin and ended up having to color the white thread with a purple pencil.

This is turning out to be a year of weddings. I’m on my fourth already and I’ve got another one next month. The one I’m really excited for is my sister’s wedding in September. Already blocking off the entire weekend to help her plan and meet with suppliers. I just hope she won’t turn into bridezilla (or my mom into momzilla…harhar).



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