DIY – Lola Skirt!

On weekdays, I stay at my grandparents’ house because it’s closer to work. Both of them have already passed away and we spent most of last summer clearing out their closets because I needed the space.

(I know what you’re thinking. It’s so creepy to live in an old house. I thought so too, but it’s actually cool.)

I found my lola’s dress from the 80s that had an awkward length and a more awkward top. Mom said she bought it for Lola to wear at a wedding. Lola didn’t like it because it wasn’t sexy! Rawr!

As you can see I’ve already cut the top off prior to taking a “before” shot. The length of the skirt from the waist falls mid-calf. Yeah I knowwww: MIDI!!

Asos Mango Pleated Midi Skirt

Asos Black Pleated Midi

I saw a couple of lookbooks and I’ve been eyeing this skirt style for quite some time. I had a mild obsession with skirts when I was in college–full skirts, pencil skirts, electric pleats, school girl, mini, maxi–you name it! Since I went to a school with a dress code that required our skirts to fall below the knee, I read up on styles and lengths and experimented with what looked dowdy on me vs well, looked decent and ok.

So I decided to just cut the top half and add some bias tape to create the new band.

I have very amateur sewing skills, so I thought this was the easiest way: cut near the seam, take out the excess, and sew in back to reinforce the band.

The bias tape was the bitchiest part. I only had one single fold satin bias tape and it was a bitch because I have no sewing skills. It took me at least 2 hours to put it on the skirt and forgot to take photos.


Guess what. I was longer than a midi. So I’d rather call it a Lola skirt. πŸ™‚

Happy weekend!


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