Imaginary Fashion Icon

A recent tweet exchange and some Google skills brought about the topic of Claudia Kishi as our favorite fashion icon from our beloved Baby-sitters Club series. Which is quite interesting, because the only photos we’d have of Claudia and her outfits came from BSC book covers.

You so know which one is Claudia.

You see, back when we’d rather buy BOP instead of YM (Young and Modern, not Yahoo Messenger) and BSC and Sweet Valley more than Sweet Dreams, we’d rely on detailed descriptions for their outfits. Our imagination would put them together,telling us that we can mix and match colors and patterns even if our parents told us we looked insane.

But there were also great fashion choices such as this one:

Claudia and the Perfect Boy

I would probably wear that if I had to meet some terrible clients for work. K, maybe to attend terrible client’s event or something like that.

Got back on Google and found this brilliant blog from a BSC fan called What Claudia Wore. She includes text from the book and finds current trends that seem to come out of BSC pages.

I wished I knew where my BSC books are now. Meanwhile, local bookstores aren’t restocking old titles or the re-issued series. 😦


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